Every Tuesday in November at Austin Community College - Pinnacle campus, room 1013
Open to the public; free admission

Nov. 4: GAZA STRIP (a film by James Longley, 2002, 74 mins)
Gaza Strip follows a range of people and events following the election of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, including the first major armed incursion into “Area A” by IDF forces during this intifada. The film is filmed almost entirely in a verite style, presented without narration and with little explanation, focusing on ordinary Palestinians rather than politicians and pundits.
NYTimes review

Nov. 11: TEARS OF GAZA (a film by Vibeke Løkkeberg, 2010, 90 mins)
In a rough style, by way of unique footage, the brutal consequences of modern wars are exposed. The film also depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience. Many of them live in tents or in ruins without walls or roofs. They are all in need of money, food, water and electricity. Others have lost family members, or are left with seriously injured children. The film follows three children through the war and the period after the ceasefire.
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Nov. 18: WHERE SHOULD THE BIRDS FLY? (a film by Fida Qishta, 2012, 58 mins)
Where Should The Birds Fly is the first film about Gaza made by Palestinians living the reality of Israel’s siege and blockade of this tiny enclave. It is the story of two young women, survivors of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. Mona Samouni, now 12 years old and the filmmaker, Fida Qishta, now 27, represent the spirit and future of Palestinians.
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Nov. 25: *VIEWERS CHOICE NIGHT* (open to vote)
Vote for the film we screen on the last night; so far nominations include ‘The War Around Us’, ‘ Tale of the Three Jewels’, and ‘Gaza Diaries.’ Voting and the film schedule will be available online soon.. stay tuned!